The Cafe


It’s so true when they say “you meet one person and after that, your life is changed forever.” I met you, and my life did. It changed.


I remember when I saw you, I thought “what a quirky guy!” You were reading a small book that had a name I can’t figure to remember. You were so into it, it made me wonder if I should go and ask you its name. I didn’t.


Karla came and we had our coffee, I couldn’t stop staring at you. Couldn’t stop wondering if I needed to talk to you or just to admire you. And then, I had my answer. I was just going to admire you, because you left 23 minutes after Karla started talking about her last breakup. When you went through that door I realized my curiosity left with you. At least, you had a part of me, even though you never knew.



After that, days went by and I expected to see you every day I passed by the cafe, but you weren’t there. At that point, I thought I had lost my chance to love you or just to talk to you. And then, you took me by surprise.


We met in the worst day of my life, nothing was fine. I got fired, there was a leak at my apartment and all I wanted to do was to get a hot cocoa and just go back and sleep. But, it got worse. I had forgotten my wallet, but then you appeared. Just like a magic elf. You paid for my cocoa. And I don’t know, maybe you saw desperation in my face and you asked if I was okay and if I needed to talk. Dude, I had no idea of what I was getting into. But I am glad I told you I did.


We talked about everything and nothing at the same time. Every word that came out of your mouth sounded like a song, like magic. And you were so kind and sweet, you asked about everything and listened. You listened. I had never knew someone like you, and somehow I just realized I had to keep you forever. Since that day, talking to you has made my life way better and easier. I loved you since that first thought. “What a quirky guy!” And haven’t stopped ever since.

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