The well


And now I find myself in a well,
I feel the darkness inside of me, 
Building up my own institucionalized hell,
Making it imposible for me to see


A way out of my own mind, 
Prisoner of my own decay, 
Inside a well there is no path to find, 
All alone with nothing more to say. 


If I cry for help nobody will hear, 
The well is calling my name
And I'm scared of drowning in my own fear
But at least that would take away the pain. 


And the voices are getting stonger, 
I can hear them multiplying, 
The conversation with the enemy is longer
And I refuse to believe they are lying. 


They know me, down to my bone, 
My secrets and my desire
I no longer feel so alone, 
As I slowly begin to expire.


And I didn't just give them a foothold, 
I gave them my life. 
My soul was offered and sold, 
To the demons taking away my strife. 


They've convinced me to stop trying, 
Embrace the flame of expendability
And accept that I am dying, 
At the hands of my own passivity. 


Inevitably I sink down to the bottom of the well, 
Looking up through the dark water as I say my farewell.

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Resoplo, suspiro

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Resoplo, suspiro

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